Super Horoscope - Rs.1500/-

Super Horoscope

This report gives a comprehensive outlook on your life events with transit predictions and remedies. You can have a detailed analysis of horoscope and know about the planetary impact on various aspects of life. It lets you know the astrological factors relevant to your education and career and gives insight on the possibilities of acquiring assets.

Marriage Prediction - Rs.520/-

Marriage Prediction

Marriage Prediction Report gives a complete analysis of your married life. It lets you know the right time to get married and the various aspects of married life influenced by 7th house. The report analyzes Rahu Ketu Doshas, if any, associated with married life and suggest remedies for it, if required.

Full Horoscope - Rs.1000/-

Full Horoscope

This report makes a detailed outlook of your horoscope and tells you about 12 important areas of life, including education, career, family, health etc. It helps you foresee next 25 years of your life and gives a clear forecast of the immediate future, i.e. next 5 years. Based on the planetary positions, this report tells you about your fortunes and education and suggests you suitable career.

Career Report - Rs.699/-


This report gives a detailed career analysis based on your horoscope. You can know your benefic periods for career/business growth and get predictions on your professional achievements and income. The report suggests you the right career and tells in detail the possible opportunities you can have.

Wealth & Prosperity Report - Rs.350/-

Wealth & Prosperity

This report tells you how you can attain wealth and properties based on your horoscope. The report, based on your planetary dasa, gives tips to attain fortunes and tells you the favourable periods to make potential investments. It suggests you the suitable profession on income basis and foretells the money flow.

Numerology Report - Rs.499/-


The report finds your birth number based on your date and time of birth, and reveals your hidden fortunes. It also finds your lucky numbers based on your name and date of birth. You can have numerology based predictions on your life and personality and get tips and remedies. Also, the report helps you with tips to improve your potential to succeed in life.

Gem Recommendation - Rs.499/-

Gem Recommendation

This report suggests you the ideal gem to wear based on your horoscope. It also suggests the exact specifications of the gem you should use, the metal to set your gem and how and when to start wearing it. By using appropriate gem stones you can improve the positive influence of planets in your life and ward off negativities.

Year Guide - Rs.699/-

Year Guide

This report, based on your horoscope analysis, foretells your life for a period of one year,ie 2018. The report analyzes the planetary positions and finds your ruling planet and its significant effects. You can foresee with this report the events happening in different areas of life in the year 2018. It lets you know the course of your finance, career, health and family life.

Jupiter Transit - Rs.1099/-

Jupiter Transit

On 11th October 2018, Jupiter moves from Libra sign (Tula Rashi) to Scorpio sign(Vrischik Rashi). Scorpio belongs to Mars, so Jupiter will be considered to play an important role here. So, this transit may be a game changer for some of the moon signs. Astroica's personalized Jupiter Transit Report 2018 will give you exact information, predictions and guidance about this transit. It studies the transit in comparison to your birth chart and gives you predictions and remedies for the period.